Occlusal Equilibration in Rego Park

Occlusal Equilibration in Rego Park

A healthy bite relies on a balanced occlusion. Your teeth need to meet in a way that supports comfort and functional harmony while biting, opening, and closing your mouth and performing other jaw movements. When the teeth don’t occlude in a healthy manner, it creates unbalanced forces that can wear down or loosen the teeth, break teeth or restorations, cause tooth sensitivity, and result in muscle tightness or dysfunction that can lead to a TMJ disorder.  

Restoring functional harmony and protecting your oral health

Because premature or uneven contacts between the upper and lower teeth can lead to unhealthy jaw deviations when biting and other symptoms of soreness or discomfort, it’s crucial to re-establish functional harmony and balance.

By performing a procedure known as “occlusal equilibration”, our dentist can correct any uneven contacts or bite interferences while restoring a healthy distribution of forces through all aspects of oral function. Occlusal equilibration is a meticulous and precise process that may involve minor, selective filing or reshaping of the occlusal or incisal surfaces (biting surfaces) of specific teeth, replacing existing restorations, placing new restorations, or the fabrication of a removable occlusal guard. 

At the office of Axon Dental, we provide skilled and experienced care to support beautiful smiles and comfortable, pain-free oral function. 


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